Vinyl Flooring

Picking Your Perfect Vinyl

We have a line that will suit your needs and budget, and for your convenience, we averaged our three top-selling product lines just for you so you can find the price to fit your budget. 

Protecting Your Vinyl

Vinyl flooring has become the ultimate flooring so you don’t sacrifice style, while also getting a low-maintenance floor. This is perfect for families that deal with spills, and dirt. Vinyl flooring will give you durable and beautiful designs that reflect wood, stone, ceramic styles.  

We offer a variety of styles including tiles, planks, and vinyl sheets. Our brands also offer industry-leading durability, comfort, and spill resistance.



1. Sweep Regularly

The key to keeping the vinyl flooring looking beautiful is to clean the dirt off of the floor. Running a soft broom over the floor once a week will improve the lifespan of you new floor.

2. Hairspray Build-up

Hairspray will build up on the floor over time. Mixing some hot water and shampoo in a bucket to clean off the hairspray on the floor.

3. Cleansers

Your vinyl flooring will need specific cleaners for your vinyl with wax or no-wax vinyl. Using the proper cleaners for your new floor will ensure that they don’t damage or strip the vinyl flooring.

4. Don't Drench The Flooring

Moping your vinyl floor in fine, however you want to make sure that you don’t drench the vinyl. If you leave the water on the vinyl it can seap into the cracks and damage the bonding agent.

5. Perserve no-wax coatings

No wax vinyl uses a polyurethane coating that will not work with vinyl wax. If your no-wax vinyl loses its shine you can use a specified polish or sealant that will bring the shine back into the floor. 

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