So you are considering remodelling a living room. However, you don’t know where to start for the new look. Here are our 5 big tips to remodelling a room the right way.

1. Pick The Floor Before Wall Colour

Most people love to choose the wall paint for their new room first. However, it is more practical to choose the flooring colour first then move on to the paint for the walls. You want to make sure that you’re hardwood flooring is cohesive in all the rooms you install it in, and will probably repaint the rooms throughout the years. This way you build the rest of the room off of the floors style.

2. Choose Wider Planks

Ten years ago the standard planks were usually 2 1/4″ wide for any hardwood floor, however, we are seeing more and more people are going with a wider plank for their hardwood floors such as 3 1/4″. This style brings a fresh look to the hardwood flooring, and gives the appearance of a modern room.

3. Satin Finish

When planning out your flooring make sure you go with a style that looks great and will last a long time. The satin look has remained a classic over the years for a great reason. It shows less dirt and scratches while also providing a timeless classy look.

4. Stay With The Same Species & Colour

This is very critical when you are redesigning multiple rooms. When deciding which hardwood flooring you want to go with make sure to use the same species of hardwood, and the same stain throughout the entire floor.

If your house already has some hardwood that you want to keep call in a flooring expert who can identify the species and match the stain for your new floors.

5. Consider Your Lifestyle

This is one key variable that most people overlook. Do you have kids, and a dog? Do they tend to track more dirt on to the floor, and test its durability? These are very important variables when choosing the flooring style. You want to make sure that the floors look great in years to come, and making sure they are going to test the time with your children/pets is one of the most important aspects to look at.