Kitchen Tips With Designer Brian Mellon

When designing a new concept for your kitchen it can be easy to get caught in the neutral design trends by going with all white, or grey colour scheme. The downside to this is that it leaves out the potential for adding in complimentary colours to the room and can leave the kitchen looking lackluster. That’s why we decided to come up with this guide on some popular tips that you can use for refreshing your kitchen to bring back some of that liveliness. 


Having a well thought out backsplash can make the difference between a good kitchen, and an amazing kitchen design. We recommend trying a backsplash with a hint of colour to compliment a neutral looking kitchen. You can also try out patterns in the backsplash to add in another element into the kitchen.



This is one easy tip that we often times overlook when designing a room. Decluttering a kitchen is as easy as buying a couple of organization tools like a spice rack to keep all of your items in one place. This will keep your drawers, and cupboards clean and free up tons of space on your kitchen counter.

Adding A Hint Of Colour

Adding colour to a kitchen layout when done right can drastically improve the aesthetics of the kitchen. A red or blue accent can add a lively touch to a kitchen, and brighten up the kitchen feeling. The trick with this tip is to not go overboard with adding colour into the kitchen.