Over the last few years, homeowners have become more price conscious and value driven. The new flooring trend for 2019 is to pick out materials that offer sensible, low-maintenance and easy on the budget options.

This trend has resulted in some really great flooring options for homeowners, especially in the new vinyl/ laminate products and more resilient carpet. Flooring providers are also implementing new environmentally conscious flooring options from sustainable foresting to recycled materials.

New and Improved Vinyl

Vinyl is a great option for many homeowners because it can come in many styles to choose from including styles that mimic hardwood. There has been a huge shift in the quality and variety of vinyl to choose from. Today vinyl has become an amazing choice for any homeowner. It also offers a variety of benefits including comforting padding under the foot, childproof stain resistance, and eco-friendly materials.

One of our best selling vinyl products is the Gerflor Senso Clic Vinyl. Gerflor just came out with a new improved line for their vinyl. This product is an amazing value pick for homeowners, offering:

  • Comforting 4.5mm thickness
  • Wear layer for high traffic areas
  • 100% recyclable material

The Return Of Carpet

Carpet has remained to keep a 60% share of the market, and for one great reason. The variety of carpet lines now are more diverse, allowing you to choose to your tases from a timeless grey or one with a new trendier style. You can decide from a variety of patterns, colors, and materials to fit your specific desires.

A great place to start for carpeting is to try the Coronet relaxing Getaway. This carpet offers patented Scotchguard, stain-proofing to ensure your carpet feels, looks and smells as good as the day you bought it!

Green Sustainable Flooring

Gone are the days of reckless consumer buying habits. Demand for green flooring options has continued to keep growing year over year. That is why every manufacturer is offering environmentally sustainable flooring materials that are healthy for the planet. Here are just a couple of examples of growing trends in the green options.

  • Non-toxic Cork that is used in a variety of flooring materials. The cork that is harvested grows back making it not only very environmentally healthy but also offers antibacterial attributes which makes it harder for bacteria to survive on the floor.
  • The new carpet options for eco-friendly materials including corn sugar materials that replaces the traditional nylon and recycled carpet that uses 100% postconsumer products like containers. These new materials can actually be more durable than the nylon material and are usually more cost effective when compared to traditional flooring.
  • Hardwood manufacturers are using sustainable foresting options that actively replant new trees to replace the trees that were being deforested